Vidal Sassoon Opens A New Academy
Reaching a New Cultural Pinnacle

In London, New York, and Berlin—the Factory warehouse is known to be the hub of creative design, an abode for artists, and the birthplace of cultural trends. Influenced by the Bauhaus institution the Sassoon Academy once again is the flagstone for the hair industry.

After 15 years, Sassoon invites architects from the Royal Institute of British Architects to breathe life into an independent warehouse of a 6 storey building, totaling 2,000㎡.

Architectural design plus modernistic materials will reveal a vibrant symphony of form. A holistic upgrade of the educational system taps into the global trend of cloud sharing, introducing a new educational experience where cutting and coloring courses interact. Expansive interiors and exteriors provide spaces for either privacy or for community. Sustainable and green filtration systems will make every breath a fresh one for Sassoon allies.

We are south to the famous Duo Lun Road cultural street, north to the landmark People’s Square, looking out to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and opposite to Lu Jia Zui golden zone.

We are starting from scratch, breaking out to seek a new place which touches the pulse of a deep culture.

We are stepping into new territory to build up a beacon, brick by brick, for designers and elites.

This is Sassoon’s tribute to the hair industry and a solemn promise to every hairdresser: It is the remarkable you that make the remarkable Sassoon.

Your Hair By Vidal Sassoon