Mei Poh Loh, the Principal of Vidal Sassoon Academy Shanghai, was formerly attached to Vidal Sassoon New York Salon (USA) where she served as an Art Director. Mei Poh has been with Vidal Sassoon since 1991. Today, Mei Poh is a core member of Vidal Sassoon Academy Shanghai, leading the only Vidal Sassoon Academy in Asia, strictly adhering to the Sassoon' s global standard with perfection, professionalism and consistency.

Known for her meticulous attribute and an incredible sense of fashion, Mei Poh constantly surprises her colleagues with her constant evolving style. Mei Poh was born in Malaysia but raised in New York. From her upbringing, she acquired a sense of adventure that brought her to China where she set up the Vidal Sassoon Academy after becoming the Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon New York Salon. Being an Asian who was brought up in New York gives her a unique creative sense and the ability to blend in the taste from the East and the West. Her talents have made here successful in many fashion shows that held in the UK and the USA, and her work can be seen in many collection launches that she has produced throughout these years.

In a nutshell, Mei Poh enrolled for a Vidal Sassoon course at the Santa Monica Academy in 1990; she was offered by Vidal Sassoon to join them as a stylist in April, 1991. In 1993, Mei Poh started her journey with Vidal Sassoon New York Salon and became its instructor in 1995; the she was promoted to the Art Director in 1998. During her tenure as the Art Director, she led seminars and master classes for international beauty shows in the United States and also played an active role in the annual New York Fashion Weekly, working with designers to create brand new hairstyles. In addition to that, Mei Poh participated in the first Vidal Sassoon Hair Show held in Shanghai in 1997, and in 1998 the shows held in Beijing and Hong Kong. In 1999, Mei Poh was transferred to Vidal Sassoon Academy Shanghai and became the Principal in 2004.

Being the principal of VSA is a very exciting experience, Mei Poh is constantly seeking new challenges. Mei Poh is extremely passionate about her work and always influences the people around her with her zest for life. She treasures teamwork spirit, "My motivation comes from the bottom of my heart, from the colleagues of the worldwide VSA, from those who work together with us and share Sassoon's philosophies." She hopes to share her every success and happiness with all the stylists who love both the life and the work. .