As the senior stylist, you might not have enough time to devote 30 weeks of education, but still eager to experience the intensive Sassoon education? Our lastest 10 Week Postgraduate Course is designed for the core stylists in the industry.

The course requires abc graduates or diploma graduates. Thus with acquired the basic skills, you can jump straight into the playing field and start expanding knowledge. The course is structured to save your time and assets by expanding 6 studying days every week, without losing any content. Be prepared physically and mentally, you will be filled in with 10 weeks abundant knowledge and skills.

During 4 stages' process, the course guides you through all the levels of skills, from abc to inspirational exploration. Full package of hair science, including ladies and men's haircutting, coloring, perming, suitability, styling and personal development, provides skill stimulation you need. The personal interview at each stage is as the assessment of the individual progresses and improvement. Taught by our senior instructors consisting of the creative team members at the last stage, education that is strictly controlled to the highest Sassoon standards ensures you an unique learning experience.

Let this 10 weeks intensive training light your career!


abc course graduate or diploma course graduate


6 days a week, 10 weeks equivalent to 60days.


Postgraduate Course Diploma


Bank TT in mainland China: RMB81500

Bank TT from out side of mainland: USD14052