This course is designed to help you search for creative excellence and inspiration, tap into the latest Sassoon collection; achieve your personal
best-season after season. The academy serves as the think tank for all of Sassoon's new developments and attending a course here gives you direct access to these developments as they happen. The Sassoon Creative Team share their skills in order to illustrate the latest Sassoon collections where the curriculum is comprised of stunning model presentations, fascination lectures, guided work session and demonstrations that included both cut and color. The team works hard to ensure that you feel involved, making certain that this course remains interactive allowing you to seek help, ask questions and really make that most of the pool of talent available to you. The Collection Course pushes the boundaries of hairdressing ever forward, the work is experimental, fashion forward, sometimes extreme – always inspiring.


To fully absorb the essence of this course, Sassoon recommends approximately six years experience, as a qualified hairdressers who have been finished Sassoon Contemporary Course.


Lecture, instructor demo, students cutting and color

hands-on practice, model presentation, starts from Tuesday to Saturday.

Course taught in both English & Chinese.


Collection diploma


Bank TT in mainland China: RMB12420
Bank TT from out side of mainland China: USD2141

TUITION ADJUSTMENT & Installment payment

Effective from April 1, 2018, the course tuition will be adjusted. Tuition is kept unchanged for the booking & payment before April 1, 2018. New rate is applicable for booking & payment from April 1, 2018 on.

Effective from March 1, 2018 on, the academy offers installment payment via Ant Check Later of Alipay. Please feel free to enjoy the service per your need.

Please consult with the education department of the academy for details: 0086 21- 6311 2151,WeChat:VSAacademy.